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Contract Lifecycle Management

Manage contracts from the initiation to completion


reduction in avg contract
process time1

75 - 90%

reduction in erroneous payments2

CLM software enables you to request or create contracts, manage negotiation or approval workflows, utilise e-signatures, manage a single contract repository that can be shared across the business, enable data reporting and highlight key information from your contracts.

1. Total Economic Impact of DocuSign CLM, Forrester, 2020. Results will vary depending on the specific software and implementation scenario.

2. Contract Management: control value and minimise risk, PricewaterhouseCoopers, 2003.

Document Automation

Transform business critical documents into intelligent templates


of all agreements are generated manually1


avg time saved on document production using automation2

Rapidly create documents by leveraging intelligent templates that can be populated using data from various sources. Automate contract clause or decision tree logic to provide consistent drafting experiences for all users. Document automation is a fundamental legal technology which drastically reduces mundane work for lawyers while removing the risk of human-error when drafting large amounts of documents.

1. The State Of Systems Of Agreement (2019) Forrester Consulting.

2. Contract Express customer user survey (2017) Thomson Reuters USA. Results will vary depending on the specific software and implementation scenario.

Knowledge Management Systems

Capture, control and distribute knowledge better


professionals can't find a document or file on a regular basis1


of enterprise data goes unused2

Professionals spend up to 35-50% of their time searching for information because of the lack of a centralized index or asset repository. Knowledge management systems help stakeholders get the right information, at the right level, and at the correct time.

1. . ECM is Dead: Long live intelligent information management, Database Trends and Applications (2018) Javanainen, Mika.

2. The state of dark data: Industry leaders reveal the gap between AI’s potential and today’s data reality (2019) Splunk.

Artificial Intelligence

AI-powered, data-driven


less time reviewing contracts1


faster at conducting legal research2


of all data in large enterprises is unstructured3

AI can help conduct legal research, review and analyse contracts, predict litigation outcomes, or simply harness the potential of big data. Unlock insights from vast amounts of unstructured data to help your business make better decisions.

1. Avianca case study, Luminance.

2. The Real Impact of Using Artificial Intelligence in Legal Research (2018) National Legal Research Group, Inc.

3. 80 Percent of Your Data Will Be Unstructured in Five Years, Data Management Solutions Review (2019), Timothy King.
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